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D4L Recital Pictures

Hello! Dancelook will be doing Dance 4 Life Academy recital photography this year on Saturday, June 1st at 1pm - 4pm. These will be digital photos that once complete will be available to download.

Select and pay for your package online below.

Order Deadline

Orders are due Saturday, May 25th, 2024 by 11:59pm. If the minimum order (40 online orders) is not met, the photoshoot may be cancelled and you will be refunded.

Additional Costume Photos

More than 3 costumes will need to purchase additional packages.

Couples/Group Photos

Must purchase separate packages and cannot share packages with solo shoots.

Sibling Photo Discount 50%


Child 1 Must have purchased their own solo package then Child 2 and more can purchase any package that is equal or lesser in value at a 50% discounted rate. You must do the math yourselves and write “SIBLING” next to the package, and also write the 50% amount you are paying next to the package.

Final Photos

Final photos will be selected by Dancelook photographers and will be available to download on this same page. You'll receive an email when they are available.

Please click the button below and find the folder with your name to download pictures. Pictures will be updated daily with more dancers.

We went ahead and chose the BEST pictures for your dancer based on the package purchased.

Please make sure to download to view the best quality & save to your device. The pictures will expire from this link in a month. Thank you!

We apologize if pictures are taking longer than expected and appreciate your patience.

5-Minute Time Slot

Package A $35

1 Photo | 1 Costume

Package B $45

2 Photos | 1 Costume

Package C $55

3 Photos | 1 Costume

10-Minute Time Slot

Package D $50

2 Photos | 2 Costumes (1 photo each)

Package E $60

3 Photos | 2 Costumes (1-2 photos each)

Package F $70

4 Photos | 1 Costume

Package G $70

4 Photos | 2 Costumes (2 photos each)

Package H $80

5 Photos | 1 Costume

Package I $80

5 Photos | 2 Costumes (2-3 photos each)

15-Minute Time Slot

Package J $65

3 Photos | 3 Costumes (1 photo each)

Package K $85

5 Photos | 3 Costumes (1-2-2 photos each)

Package L $100

6 Photos | 2 Costumes (3 each)

Package M $100

6 Photos | 3 Costumes (2 each)

Fill Out This Form To Purchase Online

Select a package

Thanks for your order! Remember to show up around your time selected.

MPSOD Recital Videos

Select and pay for your package below.


Make sure that you have filled out an order form in the studio.

Videos will be available to download on this same page. You'll receive an email when they are available.

DVD's will be available for pickup in studio.


Digital Download have been sent in an email by Dropbox


Pick Up DVD's at studio.

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DVD Only

(Both Recitals)

DVD (Both Recitals) + Up To 3 Digital Downloads

(Your Child's Routines)

DVD (Both Recitals) + All Digital Downloads

(Your Child's Routines)

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