This intensive will be a one-day experience of dance training and experiments for dancers ages 11 and up. Participating dancers will take classes in multiple styles including: Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop and more with Dancelook Directors: Carlos and Marisa. Dancers may register for 1, 2, 3, or all classes. All classes are recommended for a complete intensive training!


Dancelook's certain approach to dance training will bring motivation, positivity and excitement in order to inspire each dancer to become the best dancer they can be! Participating dancers will learn exclusive and important information about dance lifestyle, dance history, dance vocabulary, and philosophies behind different styles of movement as they train! This is an opportunity for young dancers to accelerate their training and knowledge!

This will be an exclusive day of training for a limited amount of dancers. The dance room will be properly sanitized beforehand and will have an air purification system. Face masks and shields are optional to the comfort of the dancer*

Please click below to view more information regarding the schedule, registration, and special opportunities each dancer receives.


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