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You can provide your students with an opportunity to work with motivating and inspirational Guest Artist instructors. You will be able to view our recommended Guest Artists, request their availability and rates, and book them through Dancelook.



Dancelook recommends Guest Artists from all over the nation based off of their experience, passion, and artistry for their craft. Guest Artists in our database hold impressive performing art credentials and achievements. They have made teaching masterclasses and setting choreography their passion as Guest Artist instructors. They understand the importance to demonstrate professionalism & appropriateness with their artistic instruction, creations, & services.

Classes & Choreography For All Ages & Levels

Strength & Conditioning - Ballet Technique (Classical)

Ballet (Pas De Deux) - Jazz Technique (Leaps/Turns) & Styles

Jazz Funk/Street-Jazz - Broadway/Musical Theatre

Modern Technique - Contemporary

Lyrical - Hip-Hop

Acro & Tricks - Ballroom

Various World Culture/Ethnic Dances - Improvisation Technique & Exercises



Dancelook cares about the process of quality services when dealing with clients and working artists. We make the process of hiring Guest Artists as simple and efficient as possible because we understand the importance of art and business. 

You'll be able to view Guest Artists along with all of their information, contact them through our form in order to receive their availability & rates, then securely book them for your request.

To learn more about booking Guest Artists, proceed to the top and click on "Request A Guest Artist"

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What is a Guest Artist?

Guest Artists shown on our site distinctively practice in the field of being a Guest Artist Instructor/Choreographer. This means that they continually work with dance students at different studios, schools, colleges, conventions, and programs. A Guest Artist holds professional industry experience, credentials, and achievements as a performer, instructor, and/or choreographer.


Why is bringing in a Guest Artist effective for your students and business?

Guest Artists command a different kind of respect and focus from dance students that increases the students' learning and skill ability. Guest Artists demonstrate and share an abundantly concentrated amount of knowledge, artistry, ability, inspiration, and motivation within their classes. Receptive students generally tend to appreciate the teachings of an occasional Guest Artist and work harder to apply certain essential principles to help increase their dance ability. Guest Artists can help instill principles to students that struggle with applying corrections that they hear on a frequent basis from their home studio instructors. Dance Parents and other clients seem to recognize opportunities of working with Guest Artists as being effective, exciting, and worth value.

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