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This version of Dance-scaveng-ingo is formatted as a social icebreaker game for new gatherings of dancers.



Print Sheets, cut letters (use container such as bag, box, hat, etc. to hold the letters.), and designate a Taskmaster.



An adult or older student should be the Taskmaster. The Taskmaster does not play. Taskmaster duties:

  • Read the rules aloud to the players. Hand out writing utensils to mark off boxes.
  • Guard the container of letters and make sure dancers only grab one letter at a time.
  • Verify any Dance-scaveng-ingo yeller’s boxes. Ask who they performed a task with, ask for them to show any physical tasks if any (ex: secret handshake), ask them to answer any tasks if any (ex: ballet terms), etc.





Other versions of Dance-scaveng-ingo would be available at

Dance-scaveng-ingo! (Icebreaker Edition)

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