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Dancelook is a company that focuses on sustaining and promoting the arts with prestige, innovational productivity, and foundational principles. Whether for educational or entertainment purposes, we're committed to stay involved with the growth of art education and the performing arts; Especially the art of dance! As a business, our goal with our clients is to provide quality services and entertainment with an intention that dance & the performing arts, sustain their prestige as performing and educational art forms. 



Dancelook is a registered Limited Liability Company with the state of Florida & Legally Approved To Contract Business In The U.S.


Dancelook Is Properly Insured With Legal Terms That Protects Both Clients and Artists.

Services you select with us can be a tax write-off for using Professional Services. Or just use one W9 form with us instead of multiple with independent contractors!

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Dancelook Is Experienced In Working With Business/Independent Clients & Professional Artists Nationwide For:

Theatre Venues

Corporate Company Events

Dance Schools & Colleges

Restaurants & Stores

Musical Artists

TV/Commercial Productions

Custom Independent Requests

and more...




Artists Contracted With Dancelook Hold Impressive Industry Experience & Credentials:

FOX's "So You Think You Can Dance"

NBC's "America's Got Talent"

NBC's "World Of Dance"


Universal Studios

Fine Arts Degrees

and more...


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"Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." 

Whether it is live-stage performances or performances for film, Dancelook as a production company always strives to create quality and appropriate entertaining art productions.

Original Productions

Dancelook creates original performing art productions for film and stage that showcases different concepts, narratives and innovative themes, utilizing dance in an exciting way. These productions are meant to entertain & educate audiences of all ages with appropriate and well timed themes involving: drama, comedy, romance, suspense and more. Dancelook brings together a team of professional artists and students, in order to create these original artistic pieces. 

Talent & Production Services

With our production company, we work with a wide array of clients. This includes: producers, theatres, non-profit organizations, individual artists, other production companies, commercial businesses and more. We offer fully OR partially produced, directed, choreographed & performed productions for live-stage shows and media. If you or your company are just looking for performing artists, choreographers, and/or directors for your own production, we also hire out talent!



educational art


"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." 

Dancelook conducts two educational platforms:

The Dancelook Apprentice Program 

DAP is a student training program designed to help develop young dancers into professional artists. This exclusive program is reserved for dedicated students who show that they want to become professional artists by participating in our challenging and exciting curriculum.

Online Classes

An online system where anyone from a beginning to advance dancer can receive quality dance training in the comfort of their own environment. Participants learn more than just how to dance, but also learn dance history, vocabulary, and philosophies behind different styles of movement.





"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains.

The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." 

Dancelook cares about their dance studio, dance parent, and individual clients. Which is why we are dedicated to and proficient with providing quality instructors for your needs.

Dance Instructor Services

With these services you can hire talented guest teachers and choreographers from around the nation to teach and/or choreograph for you, your school, or your children.

Custom Dance Studio Services

We are very familiar with the operations of a dance studio along with the commitment it takes to run one.

In addition to our Instructor Services, we offer special services to help take the load off of your dance studio's to-do list and boost your business such as: Music Editing for Competitions and Recitals, On-Call Substitute Instructors, and Custom Studio Promo Video Creations.

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