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Recital Media Production


Dancelook specializes in dance media production for dance studio recitals. These services can be at no cost to the studio, but require a fee from the dance clients.

Dancelook is Florida based | Services are offered nationwide


Backdrop & Lighting

Our standard background is a white backdrop with lighting to create colors, or a greyed background. This provides a versatility of looks and moods.

Photographer & Dance Pose Director

Along with a photographer, a Dance Pose Director will help the dance students to look their best and feel comfortable with their poses. This is especially helpful to keep the flow going on a busy day!


Two Cameras

We use two cameras to film your recital. One is a wide steady shot, and the other is a close following shot. This provides viewing versatility.

Digital & DVD

Options for digital files and DVD discs. High quality 1080p HD.

Easy Digital Download Options

Each client will receive a link to download their own photos & video.

Recital Photos: Digital Download only

Recital Video: Digital Download and DVD options

Senior Headshots

Send your seniors off with a stunning headshot for their portfolio.

Pricing & Information

Photography per dancer shoot

5-Minute Time Slot 

$35 - 1 Photo | 1 Costume

$45 - 2 Photos | 1 Costume

$55 - 3 Photos | 1 Costume

10-Minute Time Slot

$50 - 2 Photos | 2 Costumes (1 Photo Each)

$60 - 3 Photos | 2 Costumes (1-2 Photos Each)

$70 - 4 Photos | 1 Costume

$70 - 4 Photos | 2 Costumes (2 Photos Each)

$80 - 5 Photos | 1 Costume

$80 - 5 Photos | 2 Costumes (2-3 Photos Each)


15-Minute Time Slot

$65 - 3 Photos | 3 Costumes (1 Photo Each)

$85 - 5 Photos | 3 Costumes (1-2-2 Photos Each)

$100 - 6 Photos | 2 Costumes (3 Photos Each)

$100 - 6 Photos | 3 Costumes (2 Photos Each)

Group Piece Photos are the same pricing but will have an extra 5-minutes added to whichever package is selected.

Sibling/Friend Photos are the same pricing; no extra time.

Additional Costume Photos more than 3 costumes will need to purchase additional packages.


Scheduling time slots is the Studio responsibility. Senior Headshots must be scheduled at the beginning or end of the shoot with headshots back to back.

Final Photos will be selected by Dancelook. No previews are available.

Digital Downloads will be available at Dance Clients/Studio will receive an email when photos are ready. 

Extra Pictures ($25 each) may be available that were not originally purchased. Dance Clients/Studio will be notified by email if there are any and can then purchase online.

Videography per dance client


1 Recital Show DVD - $50

2 (Separate Performances) Recital Shows DVDs - $65

3 (Separate Performances) Recital Shows DVDs - $80

4 (Separate Performances) Recital Shows DVDs - $100

Digital Downloads (Individual Videos of Dancer's Routines)

Up to 3 Dances - $30 per recital show

All Dances - $40 per recital show

DVD + Digital Bundle Package

1 Recital Show: DVD + All Dances Digital - $70 ($20 Discount)

2 Recital Shows: DVD + All Dances Digital - $85 ($60 Discount)

3 Recital Shows: DVD + All Dances Digital - $120 ($80 Discount)

4 Recital Shows: DVD + All Dances Digital - $150 ($110 Discount)

Cases, Covers, and Labels are provided with DVDs. You can send us artwork for the cover of the case, and we'll label the DVD disc with your studio name and recital year.

Shipping DVDs will go to the Studio address.

The Format of the DVD will have a menu page and can showcase a title before each dance. 

Digital Downloads will be available at Dance Clients/Studio will receive an email when videos are ready. 

Fees & Payment

Payment Option 1: Dance Client Direct Payment

Studio can direct Dance Clients to pay Dancelook online at our site. If so, we will give the Studio instruction forms to share with their Dance Clients. This would be an online credit/debit/paypal payment option only.

Payment Option 2: Studio Collects & Pays

Studio can be responsible for collecting payment from Dance Clients. Studio would then pay one lump fee to Dancelook. If so, Studio can download these order forms below, fill in your customized information, and use with your Dance Clients. Pricing information is left blank in case you as a Studio would like to factor your own Administration Fees within our fees.

Pre-order minimum is due 2-weeks before photoshoot/videography.

Get Started

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Videography Production

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