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This is 8-Count; A program brought to you by Dancelook, where dancers learn 8 different dances, perform 8 routines, and then compete to see who the most versatile dancer is! Exciting right!? On this episode of 8-Count we are doing the “Book A Job” edition. The dancers only had 30-minutes to learn a single routine that resembles dancing you could see performed in that specific dance job…Times 8! The dancers are going to “audition” the 8 dance routines in front of judges for the hope of getting a “callback”. Now this is all for the experience, not real callbacks for a job. After each round the judges are going to cut dancers until there are only 5 left in the 8th round! Will anyone make it pass all 8 rounds? Watch these dancers try to stay in the game by showing off their versatility and try to get as many callbacks as they can along the way.


Competing with us in this episode are the dancers from the Dancelook Apprentice Program. These are hand selected dancers ages 11 to 19 who are a part of Dancelook’s very own student training and mentor program. Here with us now are the directors of the program, Carlos and Marisa Garland. Now Carlos and Marisa, you are also the creators of 8-Count, which is crazy! How does this format relate to what you do in the Dancelook Apprentice Program?


*Carlos and Marisa talks*


That sounds amazing! I wish I had a opportunity in my younger years to be a part of a program like that. Can’t wait to see how the apprentices perform!


Now moving on, we have our judges here. They are going to be looking for specific qualities in each dance style to accurately cut and callback dancers for each dance job. We’ll get to know a bit more about you all throughout the show. But for now, whose ready for count 1?! Here we go!


For count 1, we have Commercial Pop! The scenario is that the dancers are auditioning for a popular “candy commercial”. The judges are looking for these qualities (say qualities)…Let’s see how they do.




Introduce each genre like above “”




Asking judges variety of questions of their feedback on the process.






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