Dancelook's own student training & performance program designed to help young dancers develop into professional artists.

"Great training for pre-professional/professional dancers. Always positive, and very professional with their direction."

-DAP Dance Parent



Based out of Jacksonville & Orlando, Florida, the Dancelook Apprentice Program (DAP) is a new-aged, innovative, educational & performative based arts program for dance students (ages 11 - 19) who aspire to become professional artists. A select group of young dancers from around the U.S. Southeast region are chosen each season to participate in this program. Having this select group provides an environment for dancers to train with other like-minded and advanced dancers with the same goals. One weekend a month, or bi-monthly, the Apprentices have the opportunity to participate in a creative project and learn from an exclusive curriculum that includes dance masterclasses, classes in other arts areas, exciting experiences, exposure to artistically industrious processes, mentoring, and meticulous evaluation. This program helps dancers who already have basic dance training and performing experience to develop new and essential skills in order to make a career out of their artistic abilities! In this program, Apprentices become more inspired to pursue their talents, become more self-intuitive, gain confidence, elevate their dance & artistic skill level, and learn vital information in preparation for a professional career. Dancers must audition to be a Dancelook Apprentice. For a dancer to be accepted into DAP is an exclusive and prestigious achievement!


DAP was created and is managed by Directors/Head Choreographers,

Carlos Garland and Marisa Dolan


*DAP is not a dance studio and does not offer daily training for dancers. DAP is an extra-curricular, non-competitive company. DAP is a specialized, monthly/bi-monthly intensive-workshop program and does not interfere with the commitment a dancer may have at a conventional dance studio.*


DAP provides a fun, purposeful, and professional environment for the Apprentices. They consistently receive experience and exposure from our challenging & exciting goal-oriented projects. We build Discipline of technique, Artistry, and Professionalism while focusing on the performing and educational art of dance.


  • Gains a highly increased artistic/athletic ability and potential that helps them become a better performing artist.

  • Able to pick up, understand, and perfect choreography quicker.

  • Becomes more intuitive, self-aware, and confident of their talents.

  • Gains knowledge from the exposure to multiple experiences that simulates the professional arts industry.

  • Opportunities to work with distinguished Guest Artist Instructors & Choreographers.

  • Receive meaningful and custom mentoring on future planning.

  • Receive other engaging arts area classes such as: Acting, Music & Singing, Production Tech, Creative Writing, and more

  • Practice all styles of dance and other art forms in order to become more artistically versatile and to increase employability potential for a future artistic career.

  • Practice etiquette for different professional environments while learning morals & ethics that bridge art and professionalism. 

  • Able to build a media portfolio with the media content received from the program.

  • Gain prospect of being employed with Dancelook.


If you are interested in learning more about the program and having your child enrolled in DAP, they must attend a DAP Prep Audition Intensive.


  • Must have an aspiration towards a dance career.

  • Must attend dance classes weekly at an approved dance studio.

  • Must be the age of 11 - 19 years old.

  • Must make themselves available to travel throughout Florida for at least 4 full weekends in a 10 month period.

"The goal of DAP is to increase the overall skill level & potential of each apprentice in order that they may have greater chances for success in achieving a satisfactory life involving dance."

- Dancelook Directors


Q. How many project events does DAP hold a season?

From August to May, DAP typically holds 6 to 8 project events that occur monthly/bi-monthly. However, there could be more or less.

Q. How long do the project events last?

A typical DAP project event occurs over a weekend, Friday - Sunday.

Q. Where are the project events located?

Typically, project events are held in Florida, mostly the Jacksonville & Orlando, FL area. However, some projects could be located elsewhere within the U.S. Southeast region.


Q. Does it cost to be a part of this program?

Yes, there is a tuition per project attended.

Q. What does the tuition cover?

Per project, the tuition covers the instruction given through the curriculum by the directors, all guest artist classes, and the experience of participating in a DAP project.

Q. Is the tuition per project event expensive?

For a full weekend of dance, along with the quality of instruction received, exposure to qualitative experiences, results gained, and other benefits received, the tuition is considered very reasonable and affordable to most! Tuition per project is generally lower than the average cost of a weekend dance convention.

Q. What is the required project attendance commitment?

To remain in the program, an apprentice must commit to attending at least 4 projects throughout the season. It is encouraged to attend all project events to benefit fully!