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Pack #2 of Imagidance includes 36 new Task Cards (Download & Print)


Try our classroom dance exercise, Imagidance! Download and print hundreds of cards with images, characters, themes, scenes & scenarios that specifically help inspire dance students to practice Performance Expression, Movement Dynamics, and Creative Interpretation through improvisation and/or choreographic phrasing.


We enjoy implementing exercise structures that also entertain as an engagement to permit learning. Engaging not only the students, but also the teacher to creatively and structurally conduct lessons.


With Imagidance, the subjects are practiced through a fun 'charade' like format. Included is a curriculum guide to help teachers facilitate the process in a educational and fun way. The teacher has flexibility to personalize their teaching within the exercise. Imagidance engages the whole class whether they are performing or observing!


Great for all ages 8+. Use it over and over with new cards in any level and any genre of dance! It's always engaging and fun :)


Enjoy Imagidance!

Imagidance Pack #2 (36 Cards)

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